The Spark Media leverages content as a tool to inspire, inform and connect under-represented founders and emerging leaders to resources and opportunities for growth. We do this through:

    • The Spark Magazine

    • The Spark Masterclass

    • The Spark Documentaries

    • The Spark Podcasts

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    • Newsletters


Who We Are:

We democratize access to information to build a world where the voices of underrepresented founders are elevated and amplified. We Inspire, Inform and Connect.

We tell authentic and inclusive stories. We listen, engage, and prioritise life-long learning.



The Spark Magazine is a bi-monthly digital and print publication that curates impact-driven original content and storytelling that informs thought leadership, inspires change, and elevates the stories and impact of Founders and businesses in underrepresented groups. 

We tell compelling stories of Founders, Operators, and Industry leaders that provide Insights, information, and solutions to building stronger, better, and lasting businesses as well as create a more inclusive equitable system across all levels of the global economy.

Founders Stack Podcast


Founder Stack Podcast goes deep into the framework startup leaders need to grow their teams, their companies, and themselves.

It seeks to close the Racial Wealth Gap and drive the change that enables participation in the global economy for Founders in underrepresented groups.

We Put the Spotlight on;

Seasoned Business Founders, Operators, and Experts to share their wealth of experience.

You’ll hear;

    • Conversations with leading Industry Icons.

    • Personal Stories about failures, challenges, breakthroughs, and turning points.

    • Deep dives into perspectives, systems, and processes driving leading business performance and lots more…




The Spark Digest is a weekly newsletter publication that informs and connects underrepresented Founders and emerging leaders to resources and opportunities for growth and scale while providing the most current information on the global Startup ecosystem.

It democratizes access to information and offers deep dives into perspectives, systems, and processes driving leading business and Startup performances from business development and management to branding, sales, and marketing to personal growth as well as industry news, startup stories, and lessons.