Enitan Okediji on Closing the Gender Inequality Gap

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Enitan Okediji on Closing the Gender Inequality Gap

Enitan Okediji on Closing the Gender Inequality Gap

Enitan Okediji works at an International Development Organisation as the Learning, Communications, and Knowledge Manager. She has a Bachelor’s degree in MassCommunication, and also a Masters in Public-AdministrationInternational Development. 

Enitan is a force to reckon with in the development space, especially around communication, media, knowledge management, and learning.


My Vision

At the beginning of my career, success was less about making great decisions and more about exploring. I wasn’t one of those folks who had a very clear vision ahead of her how some people know right from childhood that they want to be an astronaut or Engineer or Lawyer, but that wasn’t for her. There was so much I was interested in back then, and there’s still so much I am interested in now. 

At some point, particularly with my background in Mass Communication, I saw myself being an Investigative Journalist but after going through a deeper search of myself, vision and purpose, I expanded into International Development alongside Communications. However, along the line, I started noticing my desire for social change. I also desired to contribute much more than speaking and writing about issues related to women’s advancements, youth development, and healthcare, amongst others. My intention of translating advocacy into action led me to this point in International Development. 


My Driving Force

My driving force is the only desire to improve the lives of people in any capacity, either directly or indirectly. I enjoy contributing my part to actualizing a worthy vision, which usually revolves around development, and this pushed me into the international development space. 

What kept me captivated in the development sector stems from the logic that deeply connects with my personality which is being curious, imaginative, decisive, and ambitious enough to believe that “nothing is impossible and impossible is nothing. I am able to see a world that 

constantly achieves relevant results through effort, intelligence, commitment, and concentration, regardless of the negatives. 


On Women Empowerment

I believe that Women and girls can do whatever they want.  There is no limit to what we as women can accomplish; I believe that I, as well as other men and women, have the power to close the gender inequality gap, and there is still a lot of room for more competent women to take on more managerial and executive roles in the workplace.


The Spark.

I believe that no one else on the planet has the way my talents, expertise, intrinsic abilities, and gifts are interwoven. My spark has no duplicate and no box. I can be whoever I want to be…

I am aware of the grace I bring to the table when I am involved in any project related to Media, Communications, International Development, Knowledge Management, or anything I set my hands to do. My uniqueness is my spark. 


#Findingof HerSpark

Unplug from the noise. One interesting thing about Eagles is how they can fly up high into the mountains and shed off old feathers. These old feathers may signify mistakes, and the shedding off process could also symbolize mindset shift or rebirth”. 

As a young girl or woman, things may not add up for you if you are too focused on what other people are doing. It’s okay to identify people you admire, but never let it distract you from identifying what makes your eyes light up.