Mofolusade Sonaike: Helping Mothers Thrive in Business #3

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Mofolusade Sonaike: Helping Mothers Thrive in Business #3

Mofolusade Sonaike: Helping Mothers Thrive in Business #3

I run a community for mothers tagged, where I focus on helping moms thrive in business and careers without sacrificing the homefront. 

I do this through training programs, networking events, support, and advocacy. I also run a personal brand consulting business for mothers to help them gain visibility for their companies and/or careers.


My career path hasn’t always been a straight line. When I exited the corporate world in 2010 to start a business, I wanted to run a gift delivery business and be there for my family. But I soon realized I was ill-equipped and did not have the support system to thrive outside of the corporate world. 


However, I was determined to make it work. I wanted to be present for my family and earn an income while at it. This was the vision that drove me, and over time, it became the foundation for my business. 

The driving force for me remains my “why”. I simply want to be a present mum and to live life fully rather than just exist. I am motivated to work even harder at my goals and dreams when I think about this.

There is a saying that goes thus:

“Nothing prepares you for a business like being in business.” 

I started my business before I left my job, but three years into it, I was utterly burnt out. I had lost my capital, and everything was going badly. 

I got so frustrated and depressed, and that was when I started blogging. Blogging became my way out of depression. My blogging journey led to the birth of Mumpreneur.


Memorable Milestones

I still remember the very first person who paid me for a service. I felt so good that I even did a little happy dance. 

Another one was my first TV appearance on Moments with Mo in 2013. It encouraged me and helped validate that I was on the right path. 

Also, in 2018, I was a panelist at the African Students Business Event of Georgetown University in Virginia, USA. And then, in 2020, I got to train over 4,000 women across five communities in Lagos on branding their small businesses. I did this is in conjunction with Karis and Eleos foundation and the Coca-Cola Foundation. 


Lessons Learned

I have learned that there is no such thing as overnight success. Success comes with lots of failures along the way. But with hard work, everything eventually falls into place. 

It is also important to stay visible. You can easily go into obscurity if you are not well represented online. This cannot be underestimated, especially in this global era where people have access to the internet and can verify claims and people online. 


My Spark

The spark in me is my ability to show up consistently. I believe that in every situation, no matter how difficult it might be, showing up is one virtue that is needed the most. 

I have always believed that I can overcome any challenge that comes my way. Even when I don’t have a clear picture of where I am going, I keep moving, and over time, the ideas evolve and take shape. 

Another thing that has gotten me this far is the ability to grow and adapt constantly. I do not give up. Even when I stumble and fall, I get back up and keep going.


On Women Empowerment

I am passionate about creating a level playing field for women because all my experiences as a woman and mother point me in the direction of the challenges women face every day. 

When I resigned from the corporate space, I struggled a lot until I got into a mentoring program for women sponsored by IBM. It was there I realized how powerful having a support system, as well as the need to connect with other women in creating equal opportunities for all.

If I had the power to do one thing to close the gender equality gap, I would remove the emphasis on gender in schools, churches, mosques, workplaces, politics and society as a whole. I would do this so that the focus will be on what each person brings to the table as a human being rather than based on gender.


Finding Her Spark

Connect with your inner self and become the woman you were meant to be. 

It has yet to be figured out ultimately. You just have to decide to take charge of your life. 

I know that life is in times and seasons, and we must all just learn to embrace it as it is. 

Don’t beat yourself up over decisions you were unable to make. If it works out later, it will work out later.